Thanks to reviewers of the current or previous versions of this Curriculum: Vic Neufeld (CCGHR), Jill Murphy (SFU), Joseph Kasonde (Ministry of Health, Zambia), Sheila Harms (McMaster University), Katrina Plamondon (UBC, BC Interior Health), Ken Bassett (UBC), Craig Janes (SFU), Kaelan Moat (McMaster University), Ian Graham (University of Ottawa), and Donna Angus (Alberta Innovates Health Solutions). Thanks go to the SURE project team (Andy Oxman, Shaun Treweek, Susan Munabi Babigumira, all based at the Norwegian Knowledge Centre) and its dedication to open science – parts of its Guides have been modified and/or reproduced in Module 1. Thanks to CIHR for permission to modify text from Campbell (2010) in Module 3.

Special thanks to Jill Murphy for literature support.


Sandy Campbell.


The Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR) received funding for the development of this Curriculum from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and Alberta Innovates Health Solutions. In-kind support was provided by Simon Fraser University.

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