Priority Setting

The field of priority setting for health research is young but evolving quickly. I have now facilitated several research PS exercises that customize the PS methodology pioneered by the Child Health and Nutrition Research Institute (CHNRI). Most recently, I facilitated a virtual PS exercise using a tailored CHNRI approach for the Society of Family Planning, based in Philadelphia PA. We divided deliberants into 10 different groups led by 2 co-leaders and for 6 weeks deliberated on priorities relevant to the field, increasingly narrowing lists to the top 12-15 research issues. A face-to-face meeting in Philadelphia completed the process, where we found the Top 20 priorities for the field. Contact me for a full report from this.

With Dr. Lydia Kapiriri of McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada), I’m currently working on a research project to determine the most viable research PS framework for use at the national level in low-income countries. The work is focused on Zambia and its new National Health Research Authority, yet will also draw on PS initiatives in Uganda, Malawi, South Africa and Tanzania.

I’ve previously conducted, facilitated or contributed to research PS processes in Zambia and Mongolia.