How Systematic and Environmental Based Thinking Improved a Leather Bag Company

The video above identifies how this new type of business thinking can help improve the environment, and later on in this article we will identify a specific company that this is applicable for. Our article on reclining garden chairs is also good.

How it Can Help The Environment

Many campaigners such as PETA, campaign for the complete removal of animals from our product making process. However there are plenty of reasons why using leather can aid the environment, one of which being that it’s a natural offcut of the food industry, and another being that it can help to keep down certain species population growth.

How The UK Leather Company Used It

Everyone knows that the world of fashion, particularly high end fashion, is at the mercy of trend setters and celebrities, with people following the crowd to spend their money on what’s hot right now. Von Baer UK provide a range of leather bags for you to purchase online, and what they had to say about how it improved their leather production is very interesting. It has been able to help them innovate new lines faster, streamline their bag production process, and allow them to source better quality full grain leather to ensure product lifetimes are longer, and the feel of the leather bags is much more premium.


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